4 All-Too-Common Drainage Issues in Natural Grass Eliminated by Artificial Grass

February 22, 2024

If you’re a Bay Area homeowner with natural grass, chances are that you’ve experienced drainage issues at some point. Whether it’s stubborn lawn bubbles or constant soggy spots, these problems can negatively affect the overall look and health of your yard.

Especially with California’s recent rainstorms, these lawn drainage issues have become more of a nuisance than ever. Luckily, synthetic grass offers a visually appealing and convenient solution. Not only does artificial turf look great all year long, no matter the weather, but it also eliminates these four all-too-common drainage issues that plague natural grass.

Lawn Bubbles

Lawn bubbles are a common sight in Bay Area backyards with natural grass. These unsightly bumps are caused by pockets of water trapped under the surface of the grass. This most often occurs when excess rain or irrigation water isn’t able to properly drain from your yard, so it gets trapped under the grass and creates bubbles. 

Lawn bubbles don’t just create unsightly bumps; they also kill the natural grass around them, creating a patchy, uneven yard. Luckily, synthetic grass eliminates this issue with its evergreen hue and efficient drainage capabilities. High-quality artificial grass is installed with an efficient drainage grid that ensures water and air can easily flow through the turf and away from your property. This eliminates any potential for pockets of air or water to get trapped and form lawn bubbles, ensuring that you have a lush, even lawn 365 days a year.

Water Traps

If you’ve ever noticed areas in your lawn that seem to be constantly soggy, these spots are known as water traps. They typically occur when the soil is unable to absorb water due to compaction or poor drainage. This most often happens near downspouts, in low-lying areas, or under trees with extensive root systems.

Aside from creating a muddy, soggy mess, water traps can drown the root systems of nearby plants, killing them over time. They also promote the growth of mold and mildew and can even attract pests, posing a health hazard to your family.

With synthetic grass, however, water traps are never a worry. The area where turf is installed is leveled and compacted before installation, ensuring that your synthetic grass is perfectly level and doesn’t have any low-lying divots that may create a water trap. Additionally, the durable, permeable backing of synthetic turf allows water to easily drain through, preventing any potential water buildup.

Drowned Plants

When your grass is constantly soggy, it’s not just your lawn that suffers; your nearby plants can suffer, too. Excessive water can damage the root systems of your plants, depriving them of oxygen and essential nutrients that keep them alive.

Luckily, artificial grass eliminates the risk of drowned plants through its superior drainage capabilities. The ultra-efficient drainage system flushes away more than 30 inches of water per hour per square yard, ensuring that water doesn’t get trapped on your lawn’s surface and cause oversaturation. This allows the surrounding soil to dry out properly, providing enough nutrients for your plants to thrive.

Soggy Spots

Soggy spots are an issue that commonly plagues homeowners with natural grass, especially during the rainy season. These soggy spots are areas where water tends to collect and sit on the surface of your lawn instead of being absorbed into it. This can lead to a waterlogged and muddy lawn that is not only unsightly and difficult to enjoy but also a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, eliminates soggy spots by providing a level, even surface that allows water to drain properly. With a permeable backing and drainage grid, your synthetic turf lawn will always be dry and ready to use shortly after a rainstorm, so you no longer have to worry about avoiding certain areas of your lawn or trudging through mud.

If you’re looking for a durable landscaping solution that can withstand any wet weather and remain beautiful year-round, look no further than SGW Bay Area for high-quality artificial grass products. We’ve been an industry leader for more than 20 years, helping distributors, installers, and homeowners alike with all of their artificial grass installation needs. We can help you find the perfect synthetic grass product for your home or business, including turf installation accessories such as drainage products. To find out more about our products or for guidance with your next artificial grass installation, contact your local Synthetic Grass Warehouse facility today.

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