5 Surfaces Most Commonly Used for Artificial Grass Installation

January 25, 2024

Synthetic grass is one of the most versatile landscaping solutions on the market. Whether you want to create a lush backyard paradise or a durable play area, artificial turf can do it all. However, while synthetic grass can generally be installed anywhere, there are five surfaces that are most common for synthetic grass installations.

Whether you want to install your turf on soil, concrete, wood, or plastic, with the right installation accessories, you can properly secure artificial grass to a wide range of materials. If you’re not sure where to start, here is a quick guide to the five most commonly used surfaces for artificial grass installation.

1. Soil

By far, the most common surface on which to install artificial grass is soil. Homeowners typically want to install synthetic grass where their natural grass once stood, making soil the No. 1 installation surface.

To install artificial grass on soil, make sure the area is cleared of any existing vegetation and has been leveled. Then, add a sub-base using synthetic turf aggregate, compact it, and add a weed barrier. Once the sub-base is prepared, adhere the synthetic grass and ensure it’s fully secured using seam tape, galvanized nails, or turf glue. Finally, add and disperse the artificial grass infill to weigh down the turf and help keep it in place.

2. Concrete

Concrete is another common surface on which to install synthetic turf. Since turf can be easily installed on concrete surfaces, it’s a popular landscaping option for balconies, patios, rooftops, and pool decks.

Synthetic turf can be cut to accommodate any size or shape, making it ideal for small spaces like balconies. Its efficient drainage also makes it ideal for poolside decks and patios, as pooled water and slip risks are never a concern. When installing synthetic grass on concrete, just make sure you’ve leveled and filled in any uneven areas. You may also need to add drainage holes if you notice any water puddling on the concrete.

3. Wood

Installing artificial grass on a wooden surface is a great way to create a unique and natural-looking space indoors or out. Homeowners often install artificial grass on wooden decks or patios, or you can install synthetic grass on wooden floors indoors to transform an office or athletic space.

Before installing the artificial grass, make sure to properly seal the wood for water resistance. This prevents cracking, warping, and mold growth over time, ensuring that your turf installation looks its best for as long as possible. Since wood is porous, it’s also crucial that you install a proper drainage system to prevent any potential water damage.

4. Brick

The combination of red brick and vibrant green turf provides a stunning visual effect. You can cover an existing brick patio with turf entirely, or you can incorporate touches of synthetic grass such as turf ribbons to make your outdoor space more dynamic. Brick and synthetic grass are perfect for classic and modern home styles alike, making it a common surface for artificial grass installation.

When working with brick, make sure to level any uneven areas and fill in any cracks or chips. This will prevent the brick’s texture and flaws from becoming visible through the turf over time. You’ll also need to apply a secure adhesive solution to keep everything firmly in place for years to come. When installed properly, brick can be a beautiful and functional hardscaping pairing for your artificial grass.

5. Plastic

You don’t often find plastic surfaces outdoors, but the versatility of artificial grass means you can install your turf on furniture and other plastic home decor to incorporate a touch of natural beauty.

Synthetic grass can be applied to plastic in the same way that you would apply fabric to plastic. You can cover outdoor seating and lawn chairs, create unique wall art, or make part of your child’s play structure more cushioned (and aesthetically pleasing). If you have leftover pieces of synthetic turf from your landscaping project, these decorative solutions can be the ideal way to recycle and utilize the remnants that would otherwise go to waste.

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