How To Successfully Adjust Your Artificial Turf Installation Process for Balconies

February 27, 2023

Contrary to popular opinion, artificial grass isn’t just for those with expansive backyards. Even urban dwellers living in apartments and condos are switching to artificial turf landscaping and adding vibrancy to their limited outdoor space while enhancing its functionality.

By installing artificial grass on your balcony, you can boost your property value, add eye-catching greenery, and make it a more practical and enjoyable area for every member of your household. However, artificial turf installation is slightly different for balconies than backyards, and there are some unique considerations to keep in mind to ensure a successful synthetic grass installation.

1. Keep In Mind Differing Synthetic Grass Installation Methods

When installing wholesale artificial turf on a balcony, the installation process will differ from a back deck or front lawn. When installing turf at ground level, there’s typically dirt, soil and/or gravel beneath the grass’ surface. On a balcony, however, you’re installing your turf on top of a layer of brick or concrete.

The biggest consideration when switching installation methods is drainage. At ground level, water can quickly drain beneath the turf and away from the property. On an enclosed balcony, however, the risk of flooding is much higher if drainage isn’t properly installed. Before installing your synthetic turf, make sure to install an efficient drainage system such as AirDrain to keep your turf from flooding and to avoid potential property damage.

2. Protect Your Artificial Grass From Stronger Sunlight

Another consideration when installing synthetic grass on a balcony is sunlight. Depending on which direction your balcony is facing, it may be exposed to much more intense amounts of sunlight than a backyard. A fake grass yard tends to have trees, plants, furniture, and the house itself to shade the synthetic grass during certain seasons or times of day. With balcony turf, however, there are rarely such obstructions, and since the turf is also elevated, it will receive much more direct sunlight.

To keep your balcony turf cool and comfortable year-round, ensure that your synthetic grass product has built-in U.V. inhibitors to protect it from color fading. Luckily, each Synthetic Grass Warehouse turf blade is coated with a UV inhibitor during the manufacturing process, so your perfectly green grass will never fade, no matter how much sunlight it’s exposed to. Our TigerCool products are also great for sun-soaked balconies, as the TigerCool technology will keep your turf up to 15 percent cooler to the touch, even during the hot summers when you’ll want to enjoy your outdoor space most.

3. Secure Your Wholesale Turf Against Extreme Wind

Your balcony’s higher elevation not only means more sun exposure but also more extreme winds. If you live in an area with strong wind gusts, you’ll need to thoroughly secure your artificial turf to keep it from becoming damaged during the windy weather.

First, choose a wholesale artificial turf product with high durability. SGW’s synthetic grass products come with a dual backing that provides greater seam strength and durability than other artificial grass products, keeping blades secured even in the face of high wind resistance. Once you’ve chosen a durable turf product, complete your installation with high-quality infill to weigh down the turf base and strong turf installation accessories such as staples or turf adhesive. These will securely fasten all aspects of the installation to your balcony, keeping your synthetic grass fast in place despite any strong winds that come your way.

4. Opt for Dog Turf

If you have a pet-friendly apartment, you need pet-friendly turf to go with it. Pet turf is a beloved solution for apartment owners, as it allows your dog to do his business outside without you needing to leave the apartment.

SGW’s non-toxic, pet-friendly dog turf is soft and comfortable for your four-legged friends, and its incredibly efficient drainage means you don’t need to worry about pooling pee or foul odors. In fact, our 100 percent permeable K29 quadruple-layered backing drains at a rate of more than 400 inches per hour per square yard, one of the highest rates in the industry.

At SGW Bay Area, we can help you find the perfect synthetic grass products for your home or business, including apartment balconies. SGW has been an industry leader for more than 20 years, helping distributors, installers, and homeowners alike with all their artificial grass installation needs. To find out more about our products or to receive guidance with your next turf grass installation, contact your local Synthetic Grass Warehouse facility today.

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