Turf Technology: What Makes Artificial Grass the Best Landscaping Choice?

March 25, 2024

When it comes to landscaping, there are endless options to choose from. Most people tend to think of natural grass and organic materials when it comes to landscaping their lawns and outdoor spaces, but in recent years, synthetic grass has gained rapid popularity as a landscaping choice.

While most people tend to think of artificial turf as the shiny, plastic-looking product of the 80s, artificial grass technology has come a long way. Today’s synthetic turf looks and feels just like natural grass but with many additional practical benefits such as low maintenance, durability, and environmental consciousness. If you’re curious about synthetic turf technology and what makes artificial grass the best landscaping choice, consider these five crucial factors.

Blade Shape

One of the first things that come to mind when thinking of artificial grass is the appearance of the turf blades. Many people assume that all artificial grass is the same, with generic, flat green blades. However, the blade shape is an essential factor in the overlook look and feel of artificial grass.

Different types of artificial turf have different blade shapes, and each serves a specific purpose. For example, the round, dimensional curves of S-shape blades make it appear more like natural grass than flatter blade shapes. The curves of the S reduce the flat surface area of the blade which, in turn, means they reflect less sunlight. Reflected sunlight can make the turf look more white than green due to a mirroring effect, which means that S blades appear a more lush and vibrant green compared to flatter shapes.

Another example is the omega blade shape. A more complex shape that resembles the ancient Greek letter, omega synthetic turf is often used for very high-durability applications, such as pet turf. It is also usually seen with shorter pile heights to further enhance its resilience. Turf blades come in a variety of lengths and densities, giving you the option to choose the look and feel that best suits your needs, no matter what landscaping project you have in mind.

Yarn Quality

The quality of the yarn used in artificial grass plays a vital role in its appearance and durability. The yarn refers to the materials used to create the individual blades of artificial grass. Typically, these materials are polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon.

SGW Bay Area utilizes durable polyethylene material for landscape turf and nylon material for putting green products. Our products are manufactured using TenCate’s space-age yarns, which are some of the most cutting-edge in the industry and have been used by the likes of NASA and Boeing. By using only the highest-quality yarn materials on the market, we ensure that all of our synthetic turf products are industry-leading and built to suit any landscaping need.


The artificial turf’s backing is the material that holds the turf blades in place while allowing water to filter through. Turf backing is typically made up of two separate layers: the primary backing – the material through which the turf blades are looped – and the coating, which locks the tuft bind into place. Having a high-quality synthetic grass backing is essential because it acts as the glue that holds all of the turf components together. If your backing fails, you could have loose or detached turf fibers that create a thin, sparse appearance.

At SGW Bay Area, we use only high-quality polyurethane backings that utilize the latest in artificial turf backing technology. Our products all have permeable backings to provide the highest drainage rates available, with four unique backing options to choose from. Our 13 Pic, 15 Pic, and K29 triple-layered backings use hole-punch technology to enable drainage. These products will all drain at a rate of over 30 inches per hour per square yard.

Our new K29 quadruple-layered backing combines the efficiency of flow-through backing with the reliability of hole-punch backing for an industry innovator that combines the best of both worlds. This ultra-permeable backing allows water and fluids to drain at a rate of more than 400 inches per hour per square yard. Found in our most high-performance turf varieties, SGW Bay Area’s K29 quadruple-layered backing is the premier choice for installations that need extraordinary levels of durability and functionality.


The layer of small turf fibers that sit between the backing and the turf blades is known as the thatch. Thatching is what gives artificial grass its lush and natural appearance, mimicking the layer of dead grass that collects at the base of any natural grass lawn.

Thatching consists of shorter fibers woven into the backing to help the grass stand upright. In addition to adding a sense of realism, thatching plays a crucial role in the overall durability of the turf, as it helps distribute weight and reduce friction between the blades. A high-quality, realistic-looking thatch layer will make your artificial grass more realistic in appearance, more comfortable to walk on, and longer lasting.


Turf infill refers to the particulates placed between the blades of an artificial turf lawn, filling in the otherwise empty spaces. Infill primarily helps the turf blades maintain their upright position and shields the turf’s backing from the sun’s UV rays. Infill also helps give artificial grass the feeling of natural sod grass, with infill mimicking how soil absorbs impacts. Infill also weighs the turf down to prevent it from developing wrinkles, buckles, or ripples, extending the lifespan of your artificial grass.

When choosing infill for your installation, there are several options available. The most common and traditional choice is silica sand, which is ideal for lawns with minimal foot traffic. It does the basic job of infill, keeping the turf blades upright, and providing a cushioned texture. However, for any applications with pets, kids, or heavy foot traffic, an antimicrobial option such as Envirofill or ZeoFill is best.

If you need further guidance in choosing which wholesale synthetic turf products are right for your landscape renovation, contact your local Synthetic Grass Warehouse location. At SGW Bay Area, we can help you find the perfect synthetic grass products for your home or business. SGW has been an industry-leading artificial grass manufacturer and artificial turf distributor for more than 20 years, helping installers and homeowners alike with all their artificial grass installation needs. To find out more about our products or to receive guidance with your next turf grass installation, contact your local Synthetic Grass Warehouse facility today.

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